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Vehicle Security

When your vehicle is stolen or broken into it can cause you major frustration and inconvenience, especially when you have taken into consideration the cost of alternative transport and the loss of your no claims bonus. For you, costs could reach figures as high as £800!

Vehicle security Mercedes Benz

In the early 1990s, 700,000 cars were reported stolen in a year however, since then, this number has gradually reduced to 300,000 vehicles a year making the UK one of the worst affected countries in Europe. Thieves have been able to make a living from this type of crime, stealing specific cars based on the orders from other people. Research from Thatcham Security reported that unless the thief first obtains the keys to the car they wish to steal, they will not be successful. 70% of cars are stolen as a result of key theft and 1 in 5 of these cases involve home burglaries in order to find the keys and remove the cars from the drive. Most often it is the prestige and sports vehicles that are stolen through key theft, however, cars like the Astra, Corsa, and BMW 3 Series are also popular among thieves. Despite this, car crimes are one of the easiest types of crimes to prevent. A combination of undertaking simple precautions like, hiding your valuables, and other methods of protecting your vehicle like, installing car cameras, are sure to keep your vehicle safe from criminals.

Thatcham Security has played a major part in the reduction of UK vehicle crime, working alongside vehicle and security equipment manufacturers, and the police in order to achieve this. The early 1990s were the years when the numbers of vehicle theft and damage were at their highest, filling the news, and causing suffering among all those involved. It wasn’t until 1992 that Thatcham Security were approached and faced with the task of improving vehicle security which resulted in the reduction of insurance premiums and insurer’s costs.